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How to Take Part

Show your work

Thank you for considering taking part in BPF16.

Brighton Photo Fringe (BPF) is one of the largest and most inclusive festival of its kind in the UK. Every two years BPF designs and delivers a city-wide festival of exhibitions and events

For four weeks during October 2016 exhibitions and events in galleries, cafés, shops, community spaces and empty retail spaces will once again permeate the city to create a diverse and vibrant festival that attracts local, national and international participants and audiences. It is up to you to create the programme.

To take part you just need to have a body of work ready to show and to find a venue. Registration to be included in our print brochure will be live soon, and the deadline will be mid-July.

Tips for finding an exhibition venue

Things to think about when choosing your venue:

• What kind of space do you need?
• How much space do you need?
• How long would you like your exhibition to last?
• Will you need to invigilate the space?
• Does your work lend itself to one type of venue more than others?
• Is this an opportunity to try something new?

Venue ideas:
• Check out previous BPF venues.
These venues have contributed their space before and so will already be familiar with BPF.
• Cafes, shops, pubs, churches, libraries, community spaces/halls/centres.
• Empty shops and shop windows (agencies may be more willing to let you use the window rather than opening up the building to the public).

Once you've identified possible venues/spaces for your exhibition make your approach:
• Find out who you need to speak to and talk directly with the decision-maker. Phone or make an email introduction and make an appointment to meet with that person if necessary.
• Make sure you can show the venue some examples of your work. They will want to know what you are proposing to show in their space and how you would want to show it (will you need to drill holes etc.).
• Use the BPF key info sheet - posted below - to tell the venue what they will be participating in and how they will benefit from hosting your exhibition. Direct them to the BPF website to find out more about the festival, and to your own site/Flickr etc. to see more of your work.
• Are you planning to sell your work during the exhibition? If so (and the venue need a further incentive) consider offering them a percentage of any sales made.
• It's advisable to agree any arrangements you make with a venue in writing. It doesn't need to be a formal contract, but it's useful to ensure both you and the venue are clear, and could even just be a list of bullet points signed off by everyone involved.

Useful resources:
• Come along to a BPF First Monday meeting - next on 4 July - and talk to other BPF exhibitors and get their top tips on how to take part. See our news section for the latest information on upcoming events.

BPF16 Key Info document can be downloaded

Take part in a project

We are now accepting submissions for events in BPF16. If you have a participation project that you would like to be part of BPF16 please contact rebecca@photofringe.org

Sign up to our newsletter to keep updated, join our facebook and twitter and come and join us at one of our many First Monday meetings that will take place in the run up to the festival launch on 1 October 2016.