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Eco Focus

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  • The Biosphere
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  • Dorothy Stringer (8)
  • Baca School (7)
  • Little Critters (39)
  • Park Life (9)
  • My Perfect View (6)
  • Changing Seasons (10)
  • Bugs and Beasties (6)
  • Reflections (7)
  • It's Cold Outside (1)
  • Wild Flowers (16)
  • Spring Time (18)
  • Early Morning Light (1)


Eco Focus

We've teamed up with the Biosphere Partnership and Brighton & Hove City Council to produce this innovative online project designed to help us engage with our environment.

Using Eco Focus you can be part of a living arts project by uploading photographs to the project webpage. Be inspired by the wide variety of themes such as: 'my perfect view', 'wild at heart', 'picnic heaven' and 'diversity'. Once loaded these images will be geo-tagged within the Biosphere area.

Get involved and help support the Biosphere Partnership's Here Here campaign to gain international recognition for the area as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

For more information about the Biosphere see www.biospherehere.org.uk
And load your photographs at http://eco.photofringe.org


We welcome you to participate in Eco Focus. To upload your image, simply click here to go to the form. From there, add your e-mail address and your image. If you've uploaded before, that image will be added to your account.

Each time you upload an image to Eco Focus, you will receive an e-mail with information about your image. Click here to login and access your images.

If your image already has geolocation data, its position will appear on the next screen, but if not, simply search for your location and then click save! Your image will then appear in the category you uploaded to.

Welcome to Eco Focus!