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Amelia Shepherd

288 Days

Left: Self Portrait on Sun Lounger from 288 Days 2014.
Right: Installation wall of images and text from 288 Days 2014.

288 Days explores the intensely profound time an expectant mother spends in preparing for childbirth through her 9 months of pregnancy. It's a time of unprecedented physical, emotional and psychological transformation.

288 Days puts my story out into the public realm by looking to confront and negotiate a public gaze and its impact on my own fears and expectations, self perceptions and responses. It acknowledges the challenges women face in the dichotomy of changing from a 'woman' into a 'mother'.

This brave installation exposes my own pregnancy experience
with humorous honesty. It aims to subvert the stereotypes
and projected personae which are placed on pregnant women.

Through a collection of others' quotes, self portraiture and
photo-documents this installation acknowledges that beneath that most feminine of all forms - the female bump - there is an acutely fragile complexity at play.

Artist Bio

Amelia Shepherds practice, both in research and outcomes
takes an inter-disciplinary approach. Art, video and the
written word inform the photographic process. Combining this
with a focus on collaboration with her subjects results in
diverse, often deeply personal presentations.


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Other work

Image: Self Portrait in Mexican Wrestling Mask from Female Fighters, 2012.
Most recently Shepherds practice has taken an
autobiographical approach, leading to an exploration
of issues relating to her gender. During 2012, Shepherd made and exhibited the Art's Council England funded project Female Fighters featuring public posters, video and audio, a hand printed book and large format portraits.

All images copyright Amelia Shepherd 2014