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Collectives Hub

(image: Vantage Point: Collectives' Hub, Launch event, ©Jo Renshaw)

BPF14 showcased fourteen UK photography collectives selected from open submission. The BPF14 Collectives Hub was held on the 7th floor of Vantage Point, near Preston Circus, a large open plan office space just ten minutes walk from Brighton Station. Twelve collectives showed here, with two more, Wideyed Photography Collective and Format Video and Photography Network, showing at Phoenix Brighton.

Working collectively can offer moral support and much-needed critical feedback to photographers throughout their careers. It also makes financial sense to share costs and jointly manage projects. The examples showcased here demonstrate the wealth of different approaches explored by photography collectives around the country. Brighton Photo Biennial is also exhibiting five international collectives.

In addition the Collectives Hub hosted Autumn Germination: The Sprouting of New Ideas, a group exhibition by Myka Baum, Cathryn Kemp, Alex Brattell and Lucinda Wells, curated by Sue Steward for Photo hub group, as part of the PhotoHastings New Discoveries season of photography that launched in Hastings in October. You can also find information about the rest of our festival, our festival book and print sales, our limited edition badges by Jason Evans and our sponsor area for Metro Imaging.

A number of other BPF14 exhibitions took place on the 4th floor of Vantage Point. You can search for Vantage Point in the Exhibitions section to scroll through all the exhibitions in this BPF14 Hub or use the links below to read full details.


(image: Kuba Ryniewicz, Hemera Collective: Essays, Vantage Point: Collectives' Hub, BPF14 by Alex Currie)

A Natural Process
Alison Stolwood, Joan Alexander and Martin Seeds.

BPF Collectives Exhibition

Antonia Attwood, Katie Bret-Day and Anna Sheppard.

Natural Existence
Enemar Collective is a graduate art collective, formed of Mari Boman, Ross Alexander, Nicoline Vormdal Sandwith.

Geography Project
ELEPHANT are Natasha Bidgood, Lawrence Daley, Josephine Dimbleby, Hugh Fox and Steve Thompson.

Esme Horne, Jure Kastelic, Reinis Lismanis and Patrick Raimondi Taylor

Sea of Plastic
Merge Collective are Tee Chandler and Paul Daly

A 100 Years Since...
Interlope collective is Fleur Alston, Ali Farmer and Elin Karlsson.

Hemera Collective: Essays
Hemera Collective is Jaime Marie Davis, Ashley Lumb, Claire Reece, Fangfei Chen, Kay Watson and Phillipa Wright. The artists being shown are Jennifer Bailey, Robert Chilton, Kuba Ryniewicz and Johanna Ward.

The Moscow Project
Mitch Karunaratne, Chloe Lelliott, Heather Shuker, David Sterry and Paul Walsh established the MAP6 photographic collective in 2011.

A collective consisting of four female photographers, Aloha Bonser-Shaw, Charlotte King, Lauren Maccabee and Charley Wilson.

Where We Stand/v2
Monica Alcazar-Duarte, Jamie Clark, Cinzia D'Ambrosi, Hanna­Katrina JedroszI, Phil Le Gal, Jenny B Mulder, Rob Stothard, Ross Paxton, Omur Black.

Autumn Germination: The Sprouting of New Ideas
This group exhibition, curated by Sue Steward for the Photo hub group, is part of the PhotoHastings New Discoveries season of photography launching in Hastings in October.


Vantage Point
Every Saturday during the festival
Sat 11 Oct, Sat 18 Oct, Sat 25 Oct, Sat 1 Nov

BPF14 Trainee Curators lead themed tours around the festival. Artists will be on hand to discuss their work with you. Tour details will be posted here soon.

Vantage Point
From 15.00
Sunday 12 Oct

An opportunity to hear more about the work of the photographers in Where We Stand. A conversation about themes of journey and displacement. From perception of place in Mexico, to borrowed memories of Warsaw; from Ethiopia to England's tourist routes; from the hidden homeless, to seasonal workers; from Bataville to Metroland to the Scottish Borders. Join Where We Stand for conversation, wine and cake.